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The Pi Zero 2

How to run existing Ubuntu images at the launch of the Pi Zero 2

Playing with Blocks - LUKS

Making a Pi desktop with encrypted root storage

Playing with Blocks - LVM

Making a Pi server with root under LVM

Making Impish Impier

Speeding up flash-kernel and update-initramfs on Ubuntu

Common Sense (HAT)

A quick run-down of the new Sense HAT support in Ubuntu

When HDMI freezes over

On the teething pains of the Impish desktop release, and the joys of owning old monitors

You boot — no, u-boot first!

Bypassing U-Boot to enable USB boot on Ubuntu Focal

The Pins They Are A-Changin’

A look at the kernel level changes in accessing the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi

6 Months with the Pi Desktop

A run-down of using a Pi as my only desktop for an entire release cycle

A Week with the Pi Desktop

The ups and downs of a week using the Pi as my only desktop

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