It's Pi all the way down...

NBD Does it Better

An alternative means of net-booting a Pi, using NBD instead of NFS to permit block-layer manipulation (docker overlays, snaps, etc.)

NBD Knows

The problems with NFS as a netboot system, and what the alternatives are

Building Blocks

In which we finally cover what a block device is

Making Mantic Magic

Everything you (don’t) need to do on Mantic to get the most out of the Pi 5

Dealing the (SD) Cards

A brief guide to finding reliable SD cards for the Pi

The Ubuntu Desktop

Comparing the official desktop with the cloud-init baked flavours

The Ubuntu Studio

Baking an Ubuntu Studio Lunar desktop with cloud-init

The Kubuntu Flavour

Baking a Kubuntu Lunar desktop with cloud-init

The Ubuntu Unity Flavour

Baking an Ubuntu Unity Lunar desktop with cloud-init

The Ubuntu Budgie Flavour

Baking an Ubuntu Budgie for Pi desktop with cloud-init

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