It's Pi all the way down...


Dave looking bemused at the monkey stealing his limelight

Photo credit: the ever fabulous @biglesp

To be read in the voice of Troy McClure:

Hi! I’m Dave Jones, you may remember me from such projects as picamera: playing big-brother on a budget, or piwheels: stressing out our Pis so you don’t have to! I’ve also had a hand in GPIO-Zero and the Sense HAT Desktop emulator.

These days, I work for the Canonical Foundations Team where I’m responsible for Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi. What this means is:

  1. If you find a bug in Ubuntu on the Pi, it might be my fault!
  2. Regardless, you get to bug me about it (preferably via a Launchpad bug).

This blog will cover a few of the topics I come across in the course of hacking on Ubuntu on the Pi, particularly any stuff I see lots of questions about, or interesting bugs which took me by surprise!

If you’re wondering about the title I thought it’d be apt to host a blog about Ubuntu on the Pi on Ubuntu on a Pi (which it is: this is being served by nginx running on Ubuntu on a Pi 3). Yes, I also considered putting it in a LXD container, so it could be about Ubuntu on a Pi on Ubuntu on Pi in Ubuntu on a Pi … and that’s where the name came from :)

Last updated: Sat 24 April 2021