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The Lubuntu Flavour

Baking a Lubuntu Lunar desktop with cloud-init

We Serve All Flavours!

More tricks with cloud-init for baking ready-made desktops, and the index for the forthcoming look at each of the Ubuntu flavours

Desktop on a Stick

Construct a variety of desktop flavours using cloud-init on the Raspberry Pi

4K 60Hz on a Pi

In which Dave attempts to read text on a high-DPI display, fails, and solves the problem in the most basic way possible

Playing with Blocks - ReLUKS

Making a Pi desktop with encrypted root storage (again!)

Wherefore UART Thou?

Methods of working with MicroPython, old and new

Hyping pixels

Getting the Pimoroni Hyperpixel display working on Ubuntu

The One Where Dave Breaks Stuff

What’s happening to RPi.GPIO (and GPIO handling more generally) in kinetic, why it’s happening (now), and how to avoid (some?) breakage

Playing with Blocks - It’s All Connected

Making a Pi image with encrypted volume-managed root storage

Making Jammy less Dodgy

Fixing some of the post-release “fun” with Jammy (22.04 LTS)

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