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4K 60Hz on a Pi

In which Dave attempts to read text on a high-DPI display, fails, and solves the problem in the most basic way possible

Playing with Blocks - ReLUKS

Making a Pi desktop with encrypted root storage (again!)

Wherefore UART Thou?

Methods of working with MicroPython, old and new

Hyping pixels

Getting the Pimoroni Hyperpixel display working on Ubuntu

Playing with Blocks - It’s All Connected

Making a Pi image with encrypted volume-managed root storage

Making Jammy less Dodgy

Fixing some of the post-release “fun” with Jammy (22.04 LTS)

The Pi Zero 2

How to run existing Ubuntu images at the launch of the Pi Zero 2

Playing with Blocks - LUKS

Making a Pi desktop with encrypted root storage

Playing with Blocks - LVM

Making a Pi server with root under LVM

Making Impish Impier

Speeding up flash-kernel and update-initramfs on Ubuntu

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